What is Auto Detailing?

Man polishing a car

If you are selling your vehicle, working on a restoration project, or just in love with your car, it’s worth looking into a detailing service.

A professional auto detailing service cleans, restores, and protects all surfaces of a vehicle. The goal? To get the car looking as close as possible to how it did when first purchased. Auto detailing covers top to bottom cleaning, even removing small scratches and scuffs.

Ever left unsatisfied by the results of a car wash? Detailing is a worthy upgrade that will leave you unwilling to return to a normal car wash again.

How is Detailing Different from Washing?

A car wash cleans a vehicle, typically through automated means. A car wash may remove dirt, snow, and debris from the exterior of your car, but a detailing service goes much further.

Done by hand, auto detailing removes what a car wash will miss, reaching every space of the car’s surface. Detailing intends to restore the vehicle to a like-new condition again. Beyond washing the car’s exterior, detailing focuses on renewing the interior as well.

Benefits of Auto Detailing

Is getting your car detailed worth it? Detailing offers benefits beyond simply washing your vehicle. All cars experience wear and tear, even while sitting untouched in a garage. But auto detailing gets your vehicle looking new again, and helps maintain that appearance.

Getting your car detailed can help with:

  • Resale Value: When it comes time to sell your vehicle, you will see a better return if the car looks new.
  • Preserves Car’s Features: If you want to hold on to your trusted car, increase its longevity by maintaining and protecting the paint, wheels, and other parts.
  • Air Quality: A good cleaning of the interior not only looks nice, but will free the inside of any dust trapped in vents.

Interior Auto Detailing

Detailing the interior is a perk often overlooked by a normal car wash. The interior is scrubbed down, from the dashboard to small details like seatbelts. The detailing process will include:

  • Vacuuming: Interior detailing starts with removing dirt and debris from seats and floor mats.
  • Vinyl/Leather Cleaning: All seats and surfaces will be cleaned and rid of stains.
  • Glass Cleaning: All windows and windshields will be washed.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Exterior detailing restores the appearance of the paint job, windows, trims, tires, and wheels. Stages of exterior detailing include:

  • Deep Cleaning: Detailing begins with a thorough wash using special brushes and cleaning products. Once completed, microfiber towels are used to hand dry the vehicle.
  • Repairs/Corrections: After washing, the detailer can remove any water spots or other imperfections with a clay bar.
  • Polishing and Buffing: Depending on the condition of the car, polishing can be the most time-consuming stage. This is where you will see small scratches buffed away.
  • Coating/Sealant: As a final step, the vehicle receives a protecting sealant to protect the paint from the sun, water, and dirt.

Get Detailed Done Right at Wrecktify

In the Madison, Wisconsin area? Learn more about our detailing services. We offer multiple packages to offer you the right level of detail. Plus, we’re transparent about our prices. Our extra attention to detail will shine through, literally! Contact us or stop by today!

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