Put Your Classic Car Restoration On Cruise Control

Put Your Classic Car Restoration On Cruise ControlIf you have an old car that needs a loving restoration, count on the automotive experts at Wrectify Collision to bring your car to engine revving life. Although it says “Collision” in our name, that is only the beginning of our services. We provide quality repair on cars to make a living, but we build hot rods, customs, and work on classic car restoration projects with genuine attention to detail.

Maybe your classic has sat under a tree for too long and isn’t so classic looking anymore, or perhaps you have a garage car you haven’t driven since you picked it up at the dealers thirty years ago in pristine condition. We can handle either one, and do anything you need from complete frame off restorations, to custom accessories like after market air conditioning, or high performance power upgrades. When it comes to classic car restorations at Wrecktify, the tachometer is the only limit.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a shop for your classic car restoration, is the ability for the company to do most of the project work on site. It is one thing to send out the new seat upholstery work to a proper tailor, but you want your paint guy and your body guy working side by side, and of course, end to end mechanical services as well. When a well tuned team works together, the finished product is always better than when things are pieced together at various shops over a period of time. Wrectify is a full service collision and custom car restoration company, and we will go out of our way to make sure your finished vehicle meets your expectations on every level.

We can help you restore your classic pickup truck, add power to that old muscle car, install air conditioning into a stock sedan, and just about every other upgrade, modification, restoration, or repair you can think of. Put your project in the hands of professional car lovers, and set your mind at ease while we work on your ride.

Classic car restoration can be tricky business, most people who begin the project on their own never actually finish. Costly beginner’s mistakes, lack of time, trouble finding parts, and ongoing new problems that crop up as work progresses prevent the realization of the dream car for many weekend amateur mechanics. Fortunately, Wrecktify is here to help you get the job done. Nicely restored classic and collectible vehicles rarely go down in value, so contact Wrecktify today to get your classic car restoration project rolling.

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