Should Your Classic Car Have Manual or Power Brakes? 

Car brake booster is use a vacuum to balance the high fluid pressure in the braking system of a vehicle facilitating effective braking. manual vs power brakes, manual or power brakes

Manual or power brakes? When it comes to your classic car, you might be wondering what’s the better option. And the answer is that it really depends on what your goals are when it comes to your classic vehicle and how you intend to use the vehicle.

In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of manual vs power brakes and what type of brakes your classic car should have. Read on to learn more:

Power Brake System

Power brake systems don’t quite have the authenticity or charm of a vehicle with manual brakes. But what they lack in authenticity, they more than makeup for in performance. The power brake booster applies the force that’s necessary to stop the vehicle quickly and efficiently.

In addition to performance benefits, it’s easy to outfit your classic vehicle with a power brake system. All you need to do to make the conversion is replace the manual master cylinder.

Manual Brake System

If you’re striving for maximum authenticity with your vehicle, then you’re likely going to want to outfit your car with manual brakes. Manual brakes are completely authentic in that power assistance doesn’t kick in when you step on the brake pedal.

Authenticity isn’t the only advantage of a manual brake system. They also tend to be easier to maintain. In fact, there are fewer overall parts to work with due to the simplicity of the system – which means that there are also fewer parts to maintain over time.

Brake master cylinder isolated on white background. manual vs power brakes, manual or power brakes

Some classic car drivers also just like the way manual brakes feel when you hit them, which can add to the overall experience of owning a classic car.

What Type of Brakes Should My Classic Car Have?

As previously mentioned, the type of brakes you outfit your classic vehicle with really comes down to personal preference and how you intend to use your vehicle. If you’re only taking it to local car shows and driving it sparingly, manual brakes are probably the right fit for you. As more of a show car than a vehicle used for practical purposes, the authenticity factor probably outweighs any performance benefits.

But if you intend to drive your classic vehicle every day, you want to ensure that it can stop reliably and safely. In this situation, it may make more sense to ensure it’s outfitted with power brakes. It’s fairly easy to convert brakes and conversion kits are widely available and fairly easy to install. Even if they might not have the authentic feel that manual brakes do, the safety and performance benefits are essential in everyday driving situations.

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