What Is a Body Shop?

A body shop is known by many names, a repair shop, auto shop, mechanic shop, and more, but we digress. What is a body shop? A body shop has many names but generally, they all have a similar meaning. A body shop takes the holistic approach to auto repair. After a collision, the damage can be external, internal, or both. Your best bet is to take your vehicle to a body shop where the damage can be assessed, and a plan can be formulated to repair your vehicle to its working condition. Learn more about what exactly can a body shop do for you.

Collision Repair

What Is a Body ShopAfter an accident, it’s difficult to see your vehicle in despair and in need of repair. A body shop takes a full inventory of the damage, prepares an estimate of the necessary repair costs, and can give a time estimate for how long the repairs will take. Mechanics will ensure that the internal components are fully repaired, while the body technicians bring the beautiful exterior back to life.

Accidents happen, but you have the choice of what to do afterward. Taking your vehicle to a credible body shop is the only solution for extensive damage. From minor fender benders to head-on collision damage, we can take care of it all within a reasonable amount of time and with an affordable price tag. For any extensive damage that will take more time than usual, we create customer portal access to keep you fully up-to-date with the repair process, pictures, and any necessary documents you may need.


The exterior of a vehicle cannot possibly stay in peak condition, if only it were that simple. Over time, rust forms, paint chips and wears, and dents happen. Restoration is the answer to this unavoidable dilemma. An expert body shop has the resources and the knowledge to wipe away the effects of time on your vehicle. Restoration encompasses all aspects of a vehicle. Wrecktify has the expertise to renew your vehicle from the inside out. No job is too big or too small.


All vehicles are in need of some level of detail work from time to time. Body shops generally have a few options when it comes to detailing selections. At Wrecktify Collision, we offer four different detailing packages and even offer a special for our recent collision repair customers. If you schedule your detail within 30 days of your repair, we give you a $25 discount off any of our packages.

Wrecktify Collision and Restoration does it all. We examine all aspects of your vehicle to ensure that your repair is not only external but that all mechanical systems are in proper working condition as well. We can tackle extensive damage and make your car look like new. Give us a call, stop by our shop, or check us out online to see what we can do for you. We offer collision repair, detailing services, and restoration options.  

Meet Our Experienced Wrecktify Team

Some good things are born, and some good things are created. We believe Wrecktify Collision is that latter. You may be a first-time customer wondering who we are or a repeat customer who already knows our team members by name. Either way, we want to formally introduce our crew and give you a brief look into how we created this quality auto repair shop.

Meet Wrecktify Collision


Meet Our Experienced Wrecktify TeamOur interaction with John Vetterli didn’t end with the purchase of his auto shop. Three of our repair team experts have been trained under Vetterli. We have created a team with over 60 years combined experience in auto restoration, collision, and repair. The Wrecktify Way is founded on several key aspects: providing quality workmanship, with integrity, while building lifelong relationships and partnerships throughout the community. All of this revolves around our top priority of 100% customer satisfaction. No matter what collision repair or detailing needs you have, we want to be your first call.

Our Team

As mentioned above, our ownership is split three ways between Mark Meester, Sean Linton, and Jonathan Bauer. Mark remains the Managing Member and has a passion for Wrecktify’s restoration projects. Both Sean and Jonathan are Senior Technicians for our shop and share 31 years of experience between the two of them.  Steve Miller rounds out the Senior Technician team with 25 years of experience in the collision and restoration industry. Like many technicians, Steve is ICAR and Sikkins refinishing certified.

James Campbell is the GM king in the shop. He has 4 years as a Service Manager at a GM dealer, 9 years as a Body Shop Manager at a GM dealer and 35 years restoring GM “A” body cars. As our Body Shop Manager, James certainly knows how to get the job done and get it done right. Corey Breezer caps off our team as a technician, a graduate of MATC’s two-year Auto Body Course, ICAR, and Sikkins refinishing certified.

At Wrecktify, we believe there is no better team to trust your vehicle with. Our team is hand-picked to emphasize our loyalty to quality repairs and lifelong relationships. For any auto repair, detailing, or restoration projects you have, give us a call or drop by anytime.

What is The Wrecktify Way?

What is The Wrecktify WayThe process of returning to normal life after a car accident can be overwhelming. Whether you are dealing with insurance or figuring out how to get around without your vehicle, you have enough on your plate. However, you do not have to be alone during this process! We take so much pride in our method that we gave it a name, The Wrecktify Way. But what exactly does that entail? Let’s  start from the beginning.

Unless your vehicle is drivable after an accident, you’ll need a tow. We recommend Stampfli’s Towing and Road Rescue. Both are 24-hour towing companies and service the Snohomish and Dane County areas. If your vehicle is driveable, come by the shop anytime between 8 AM to 5 PM or by appointment for an estimate. We will take a look at the damage and give you an estimate within 15 minutes. Unlike some repair shops, we work with all insurance companies. Be sure to note your insurance claim number and give it to us in order to begin your repair as quickly as possible.

Trusted Vehicle Repair

Our expert body shop manager will walk you through the entire repair process. We want to ensure you are informed and trust us with your vehicle repair. Once we have a clear picture of the necessary repairs, you will schedule a convenient appointment time for your body work. We ask all of our body shop managers to keep you informed on a regular basis. For repairs that will take extensive time, we upload a customer portal for you to check on your vehicle’s status, see pictures of the progress, and access documents you may need.  We do not believe in keeping our customer in the dark and that is why we love our life-long clients! Transparency is key in earning and keeping customer trust.

Being without your vehicle can wreak havoc with your schedule. Fortunately, we have an agreement with Hertz car rental. We can make arrangements for a rental vehicle to be delivered to your home, work, or the Wrecktify Auto Shop for easy pickup. All we ask is that you contact your insurance provider to find out what coverage your policy has for rental cars.

The Wrecktify Way is the best way to recover from an auto accident. We believe in quality repairs, complete customer satisfaction, and lifelong customer relationships. Contact us today to begin your auto repair with Wrecktify Collision and Restoration.

New Glarus Repair Shop’s Tips for Leasing

Everyone wants to drive an envy-inducing car and it’s unsurprising that dealerships know it: it’s one of the biggest draws that leasing has for consumers. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a new car every few years, but with leasing as an option, it sure feels like you can!

Leasing a vehicle can be a confusing process, but the Wrecktify team is here to help you figure out if it’s the right move for you. Below, we share our best-kept shop tips for leasing to make your leasing process a whole lot easier.

New Glarus Repair Shop’s Tips for Leasing

#1. Know Your Budget

Browsing cars online and beginning to look at dealerships is an undoubtedly exciting journey. You’re eager to learn more about their numerous leasing options, and with good reason! First things first, know your budget. There are many different ways to lease—more on that later—and the prices will vary, so you need to know the absolute top dollar you can afford for monthly payments. It’s a great idea to also check the gas milage and factor that into your monthly gas bill.

#2. Read the Fine Print

What may seem like an obvious step is oftentimes overlooked. When pertaining to anything legal, read the fine print! Car advertisements that flood our TV and phone screens often only show the things you’re most likely to remember: the general numbers and the car.

What ads fail to show and what we don’t know is:

  • How many miles it covers
  • If you qualify for the deal
  • The extra costs
  • Fees and taxes

These details matter a great deal when it comes to the bottom line. Thoroughly research online when you hear or see an attractive leasing offer. If the deal still seems like an affordable option to you, visit your local dealership and see exactly what they can offer.

#3. Get Multiple Quotes

Getting multiple quotes allows you to find the best deal! We encourage and recommend you shop around and take your time visiting different dealerships, speaking with multiple associates. As a result, you’re making the most well-informed decision for you and your future new whip.

Each dealership is under its own management and can offer different deals. Talking to multiple salespeople can also make a difference. Sales representative are trained to make the deal look ideal to you while making it profitable for them. It’s often helpful to go to the dealership a few times and talk to different associates about the pricing they can offer, so you know you’re getting the lowest deal.

#4. Be Aware of Mileage Tradeoff

Arguably, this is one of leasing’s most significant drawbacks. A new car sounds like a dream come true, but what most don’t consider is the mileage tradeoff involved when leasing a vehicle.

There are some extremely attractive leasing offers out there, but they have an ultra-low-mileage allowance. A general standard for leasing mileage is 12,000 a year, but if you exceed this number, you will be charged roughly $0.10-$0.15 per extra mile. This can easily add to your bill if you aren’t careful with how many miles you put on your leased vehicle.

If this worries you, there is an unlimited-mileage option called an open-end lease. However, with an open-end lease, your monthly payments will be much higher. If, at the end of your leasing, the depreciation value is less than the market value, you will be charged the difference.

Wrecktify: Dedicated to Expert Details and Repairs to Get Your Car Sale-Ready

Be sure visit your New Glarus Repair Shop, Wrecktify, to get your ride in shape to receive top dollar when you’re ready to sell or trade it in for a lease. A clean car will always look better to a buyer and every bit helps.

We offer several detailing packages and can help with any minor or major collision repairs your vehicle may need. From a rejuvenating exterior wash to a professional paint job to a windshield replacement, no project is too big or too small for our skilled and passionate crew. Contact us today or come check us out for results that are sure to make you a profit!

How To Inspect a Used Car

how to inspect a used car

Buying a pre-owned vehicle doesn’t have to be a gamble and you don’t have to be an aficionado. The best buyer is an informed buyer and Wrecktify wants to help you be just that. We’ve compiled some of our best tips for considering a pre-owned vehicle.


The first step is knowing your budget. Living within your means and keeping in line with your budget should be a top priority for all good purchases. Bear in mind you will need to budget for monthly payments and regular maintenance. You should also know the general amount of money you can spend on gas and insurance each month; the difference could determine if you purchase a gas-guzzling truck or an economical sedan.

Accident History/Recalls

This is a big deal. We know that vehicles can be in a serious accident and be repaired to look like new, we do it all the time! Be sure that you are given a full accident report and research the vehicle recall history to ensure you are driving a safe vehicle. By looking into a car’s make, model, and year you can be thoroughly informed of the possibilities of future repairs it may need and other general expenses.


This may be the most commonly checked factor when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Everyone knows that high mileage doesn’t sell well. But there are some fallacies with that assumption. Not all miles are the same. The first few seconds of a car running are where the majority of engine wear occurs. You could be looking at two identical cars, one with 64,000 miles versus one with 128,000, but the first was mostly city driving and rarely serviced and the other was majority highway and well taken care of. Of course, check the mileage but also check it’s driving and maintenance history.

Little Things

After all the major factors are considered, there are still some things you should verify before you drive off in your new ride.

  • Does the radio work?
  • Do all the lights turn on and off?
  • Can you adjust the front/bucket seats as needed?
  • Does the A/C and heat work? (You may be purchasing a new vehicle in the summer but when winter rolls around you don’t want to be stuck with the A/C on!)
  • Is there enough storage for your needs?
  • Does it make any unusual noises while driving or idling?

Sure, the big things are deal breakers, but even the little things count. They may not make-or-break, but they could potentially be a nice chunk off the sale price.

Buying pre-owned doesn’t have to be a hassle and a nice clean up doesn’t either! Come visit us after you purchase your vehicle, or with your current one, and let us help you with any auto repairs or detailing needs you may have.

Navigating Wisconsin Car Insurance

Wisconsin Car InsuranceWhile holding car insurance is a must in the state of Wisconsin, the hassle associated with it isn’t! Wrecktify Collision handles insurance claims regularly so we consider ourselves experts. We know being in an auto accident is stressful enough as it is, and we aim to help eliminate any unnecessary strain.

At Wrecktify, we take pride in our ability to walk you through each step of the repair process and answer any questions you have. We begin by giving a written estimate that includes all necessary information that you may need, and follow up by contacting your insurance company. We will work with any insurance company, but your provider may encourage you to contact a company they partner with. However, in the state of Wisconsin, it is your right to choose your repair auto shop. If you’re unsure of how to navigate the car insurance world, here are the basics.

Minimum Requirements

In Wisconsin, all drivers must meet the basic insurance requirements: liability, uninsured, and underinsured motorist. The minimal liability insurance needs to equal at least $25,000 per person for injury or death, $10,000 for property damage, and a total of $50,000 for multiple people in a single accident. Uninsured and underinsured requires the same, except for property damage. Of course, there are several additional optional coverage options. People commonly add collision, comprehensive, and/or medical. Remember to always carry proof of insurance in your vehicle!

Insurance Quote

There are several different factors that insurance companies take into account when quoting rates. Your car’s make, model, and year will be the first thing to consider, along with your driving record, credit history, insurance history, and the primary location your car is kept. For example, motorists who live in the city and park their car on the street are likely to be quoted a higher premium than those who live in the suburbs and park their car in a garage. Be sure to ask your insurance agent if they offer good driver, good student, multi-car, or homeowners discounts. If you package your homeowner’s insurance and driver’s insurance, you may be offered a lower rate as well.

Insurance Estimates

Auto estimates aren’t the same as quotes. Estimates are given based on pre-existing information the company has, not your actual information. This can be confusing, but unlike a quote, estimates are subject to change at any time. Once a quote is given and accepted by the customer it can’t be changed. It’s wise to compare quotes and estimates from different companies before you make your purchase. The more information you have, the more informed you can be to make the right decision for you.

How to Handle a Claim with Your Insurance Company

Once properly insured, you are safe to file claims if you are ever part of an auto accident. Getting your insurance company involved is the first step to getting your vehicle back into good condition. Although it isn’t necessarily a fun task, handling a claim can be less stressful if you follow these steps.

  • I’ve Been in an Accident, What Do I Do? If you find yourself a victim or cause of an unfortunate crash, hopefully everyone involved is not injured. Stop and make sure medical or police interference isn’t required first.
  • What Information Do I Need from the Accident Scene? Assuming no emergencies are present, you should now start gathering information and evidence of the crash. Take note of damages, vehicle information such as license plate numbers and vehicle registration, driver’s contact information and any witness contact information. You only need to provide contact and insurance information to the other driver; you should not share any other information that may appear to admit guilt or negligence. Doing this in a timely matter before any vehicles or witnesses leave the scene will be beneficial. Photographs and videos of damage, driver condition, weather conditions, traffic obstructions will also be valuable to note. Witnesses are under no obligation to speak with you but can be a helpful resource if they do.
  • When Do I Get My Insurance Company Involved? Call your insurance company as soon as possible, even if the accident is not your fault. An insurance company has the right to deny coverage if you neglect to report an accident and get sued later. You can report accidents through calling your insurance company or by using any mobile apps they provide. It is also good to call the other driver’s insurance company to file a claim with them too. Your insurance company will walk you through the process, asking for information you gathered above.

Let us lighten your load and help ease you through your auto repair! Once you bring us your claim number, we can do the rest! In Wisconsin, you have the right to choose your repair facilty. We work with all insurance companies and have a perfected repair process from years of experience. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and hope to hear from you soon Contact us today!

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Summer Classic Car Restoration Project

classic car restorationAs summer heats up, the covers come off, the sunroofs open, and the windows roll down. Midwest winters are harsh but once they are over, it is time to break out the summer vehicles. This is the best time of the year to bust out your finest classic cars, however, if your favorite ride needs some work, that may be something you are not looking forward to. Don’t worry! Wrecktify Collision and Restoration is ready to help you have more fun and less stress this summer

Classic Car Restoration

Summer is the best time of the year to test drive a new car you’ve had your eye on, mostly because some classic cars won’t do too well in the snow! Whether you are looking to purchase or already have a classic car waiting for you in a garage, restoration can be a fun summertime project if you have the right knowledge. If you’re looking to tackle restoration on your own, you will need to take note of when the car was built. The production history of cars through the years differs greatly, so you will need to be familiar with car production from that time period.

Wrecktify specializes in restorations of all automobiles. Whether you want to build your dream car from scratch or bring your classic back to life, we are able to make your wish come true. We take every restoration project very seriously. We know it’s a privilege to work on your vehicle and even more so to build a vision with you. One of our body shop managers will walk you through the entire restoration process, answer any questions, and make sure they address any concerns you may have before the work begins. Skip some of the research and planning by consulting with us on your next steps.

Restoration Planning

The steps of a classic car restoration can vary greatly depending on your goals.

  • How old is the car? For instance, antique cars will take an exceptionally long time to revive, or some cars might require some digging for the right parts you may need. Knowing what year the car was built will give you a baseline on how difficult, expensive, or time consuming the project will be.
  • Do you want to do it yourself? Taking on a classic car restoration is a lot of work, especially if you do it on your own. Make a list of necessary repairs and updates to figure out a timeline. If you’re looking to get this done before summer ends, finding an experienced mechanic will speed things up!
  • How much are you willing to spend? Figure out a budget before you dive into a restoration project. It may stop you from getting caught up with too many unnecessary upgrades.

These are all things to ask our staff to help guide you or help you with the repairs. We take pride in our 100% customer satisfaction goal, which is why we offer a “written lifetime guarantee” for each project we do. Quality workmanship is imperative when it comes to collision repairs; you should be able to count on your vehicle for years to come. Time after time our customers rave about the quality and efficiency of our work. We know your first encounter with Wrecktify may be a collision repair, but we believe in building lifelong relationships and hope to work with you on all your auto needs.


Make sure to work with a professional to lay out a timeline on the process of restoration and detailing so you have enough time for each step of the process. If you timed it out right, you should have all summer to ensure every step is done right and isn’t rushed.

One of the more time consuming steps is detailing. Although your ride may be running fine, it may need a bit of elbow grease. We understand your time is valuable and you may be anxious to start cruising around while the weather is still warm, so we offer numerous professional detailing services. From our basic detail package to our supreme detail service, you set the pace! Our detail plus is one of our more popular packages. It includes the basic detail (interior cleaning, wash, wax, and more) plus an interior shampoo and a clay bar treatment. The clay bar treatment enhances your clean surfaces and removes any contaminants left behind.

We also offer our Wrecktify Collision Special to any collision repair customer. You’ll receive $25 off any of our detailing packages if you schedule your detailing service within 30 days of your repair service. For any collision repairs including a paint job, you may be required to wait longer than 30 days to allow your paint to cure

Classic Car Restoration with Wrecktify Collision

We take pride in our 100% customer satisfaction goal, which is why we offer a “written lifetime guarantee” for each project we do. Quality workmanship is imperative when it comes to collision repairs; you should be able to count on your vehicle for years to come. Time after time our customers rave about the quality and efficiency of our work. We know your first encounter with Wrecktify may be a collision repair, but we believe in building lifelong relationships and hope to work with you on all your auto needs.

Unlike some body shops, we work with all insurance companies! Wisconsin gives motorists the right to choose their repair facility. At Wrecktify, we take pride in our ability to walk you through the insurance process. We know dealing with insurance can be frustrating, but with our help, your repair process will seem like a breeze.

We believe there is no job too big or too small. Don’t let the fear of cost stop you – we offer free estimates and consultations! For more information on how Wrecktify Collision and Restoration can help brighten your summer, contact us today.

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Vehicle Repair Process from Start to Finish

No one plans to wreck their car in an accident, but it occurs more frequently than most people realize. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or a massive collision, you will need to begin the vehicle repair process. Read on to learn about the collision repair process from start to finish.

Information Exchange

No matter how minor an accident seems to be, it can have heavy underlying damages that most drivers won’t see. As soon as you determine that everyone involved is okay, don’t forget to exchange your insurance and personal information. Give them all the information necessary, from your insurance card to your contact phone number. You should also take photographs of the conditions of both vehicles. Your claims advisor will more than likely want to compare this to his photos. Get contact information from any other witnesses to support your claim.

File an Accident Report of the Collision

If law enforcement comes to the scene of the accident, file a collision report with them, but if damages are minor and there are no injuries, you may file an accident report at the local police station.

Insurance Adjusters

Choose a well-known collision repair specialist to take your vehicle to that accepts all types of insurance to make sure you are covered. You can drive your vehicle to the shop or have it towed depending on the current condition. Bring your insurance claim number with you to the collision repair shop.


Your collision specialist will examine your vehicle, including the structural integrity, mechanical repairs, and cosmetic exterior repairs that are needed. All of these items are listed on your documents with the estimate for your insurance company. After approval, your repairs will begin.

Choosing a Professional Collision Expert

The best quality collision experts will be able to arrange for you to drive a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. Professional collision shops will have a body shop manager that reports to you on a regular basis about the repair process. They will keep you updated on ordered parts and estimate when you can pick up your repaired vehicle.

Contact Wrecktify Collision & Restoration for all of your repairs. You will experience professional quality workmanship at a body shop that cares about their customers, and walks you through the process every step of the way. They go above and beyond to build lasting customer relationships in the Madison Wisconsin area. Experience “The Wrecktify Way” for yourself, contact us today.

Premier Car Restoration Wisconsin: Building Your Dream Vehicle

premier car restorationMany people dream about owning the latest vehicle models with all the bells and whistles included. However, if your dream car is something from the past, you won’t find it on the dealer’s showroom floor. Fortunately, any older dream car you find, for example a 1957 Chevy or a classic Corvette, can be fully restored with the right help.

What is Involved in Classic Car Restoration?

Classic vehicles from the 1950’s to the 1970’s can be restored to a brand-new appearance with all original parts. Choose a reputable shop that has experience in restoration processes for your project. A seasoned shop will have experience in all aspects of restoring your car from top to bottom as well as inside to outside. A shop that specializes in restoration will also have no problem finding the original parts for your vehicle.

Interior Restoration

The entire inside of your car should be restored to its original factory conditions. This step includes the carpeting on the floor, the seats, the door panels, and all of the instrument clusters. The headliner should be tight, and there should be nothing on the inside that was not originally in your car model. Even the rear view mirror can be attained from the original car design. Depending on the state of your car at purchase, it may only need some of the interior items updated, while others will need a total transformation.

Exterior Restoration

The first thing everyone will notice about your classic car is the exterior. Whether you are driving it on a long and winding road with the convertible top down or you are featured at a car show, you need the exterior to be absolutely flawless, or people will look no farther than the outside. A full restoration usually involves stripping the body panels off to get to the bare metal framework. All old traces of paint should be removed and sanded smooth for the foundation of a new paint job.

Engine Restoration

Most car restorations will include bringing engine back to the factory specifics. Many people choose their classic vehicle because they loved the sound of the finely tuned engine of a muscle car. All parts are stripped off the engine, and each one is examined carefully by trained personnel to determine if the parts need replacing, repairing, or if it is the original for that model. The transmission and rear axle may need to be rebuilt along with replacements or repairs to other items such as brakes, suspension and chassis.

Premier Car Restoration at Wrecktify Collision

When choosing a shop to work on your classic car, you need to make certain that they have all of the equipment to do the job correctly. Your shop of choice should have experienced technicians. If the employees are passionate about their restoration work, you will be pleased with the outcome. Your vehicle will either need a partial or full restoration, but it can be transformed. Contact us for classic car restoration in Wisconsin and you will discover why Wrecktify Collision & Restoration is the premier choice for restoring your classic car.

6 Benefits of Detailing Your Car

benefits of detailing your car

Having your car professionally detailed is a beneficial service you should frequently keep up with. Not only will detailing help increase your auto’s resale value, but the service also improves its reliability, longevity, and operational safety. As a result, your vehicle will become a hot commodity and stay well-maintained, eliminating costly inconveniences.

Why Get Your Car Detailed? It’s More Than Looks.

Not every reason for detailing a car is cosmetic, although that’s a significant component! You should get your vehicle professionally detailed to improve the health of your car and help maintain a great operable condition. If you are meticulous about changing the oil and spark plugs, you should develop a similar detailing schedule. The improvement you’ll see in safety, reliability, and of course, beauty will make the extra effort of professional detailing worthwhile.

What are the Benefits of Detailing Your Car?

1. Winter Rejuvenation

We’re no strangers to harsh winters here in the Midwest. Between the snow, sleet, and salt, our vehicles take a beating and deserve attention and care come springtime. The annual scourge of rock salt is a hazard your car faces.

Road salt mixes with mud to build up in your wheel wells and under your chassis. If left untreated, this mud/salt mix will corrode your paint. Getting your car professionally detailed to take care of things like a damaged chassis, saving money on future, costly repairs!

2. Improve Paint Longevity

You can extend the longevity of your car’s exterior and paint by regularly cleaning, polishing, and waxing. The exterior paint protects the metal underneath and prevents it from degrading or rusting.

3. Ensure Safe Driving

Reduced visibility is never a good thing. Headlights and taillights that are neither clean nor free of damage are a safety hazard to both you and other drivers. Getting your lights professionally detailed ensures you can drive safely, no matter the time of day.

4. Spruce Up Interiors

Detailing removes foul odors and protects surfaces in your car’s interior from fading and cracking. Something like a cracked dashboard is sure to drop the resale value; however, keeping up with a rigorous detailing schedule allows you to catch minor things before they turn into major money-pits.

5. Combat Daily Driving Habits

Life is busy— we get it. There are kids to carpool, errands to run, and messes to clean. Normal driving exposes your car to slush, oils from the roads, solvents, brake dust, and fluids. You can imagine the array of chemicals you drive through on the highway.

Keeping up with professional detailing combats day-to-day driving that may dirty your car in unexpected ways. When detailing your wheels and tires, you also reduce the risk of cracks and corrosion, and they look fantastic, too!

6. Boost Resale or Trade-In Value with Professional Detailing

There is no disputing the positive effects detailing a car can have when looking to sell or trade-in for an upgrade. People who buy used cars from dealerships expect those cars to be fully detailed and in like-new condition. Those sold by private owners are often not always treated as nicely.

When you show a potential buyer a professionally detailed car, they know you took great care of the vehicle. It can reassure a buyer that there are no hidden salt/mud deposits in the chassis; they know the interior won’t smell of corn chips and baby formula. These are all positive impressions that can help you secure a much better sale price for your used vehicle.

Choose Wrecktify for All Your Professional Detailing Services

At Wrecktify, we put the utmost care into your vehicle because we care about you. A smooth-riding, well-maintained, beautiful car is just as much of a goal of ours as is building your confidence, happiness, and trust in us!

Our team has the experience and mastery to give your car that extra bit of attention it rightfully deserves to shine to its truest potential. We provide professional auto detail cleaning services at various levels, using various techniques and products on the interior, exterior, and everything in between.

Contact us today to schedule a professional cleaning and detailing with our expert team. Your car will leave the shop looking and feeling like the day you drove it off the lot— our guarantee!