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What is Auto Detailing?

If you are selling your vehicle, working on a restoration project, or just in love with your car, it’s worth looking into a detailing service. A professional auto detailing service cleans, restores, and protects all surfaces of a vehicle. The goal? To get the car looking as close as possible to how it did when […]

Who Restores Old Cars? 

Maybe you want to bring a classic hot rod back to its prime. Or perhaps you’re a gearhead that just loves hitting up the show circuit. Then there are the hobbyists that love the challenge of taking an old car otherwise relegated to the scrap heap and bringing it back to its glory days. Whatever […]

How Much Does a Car Restoration Cost?

Restore or replace? When it comes to your car, for many people it’s a no-brainer. As a society, we love our cars – and for most car owners, shelling out thousands of dollars on parts and labor to restore their favorite vehicle is done without hesitation. But is restoring a vehicle really worth it in […]

A Guide to Full Car Painting Process

Classic cars are a thing of beauty. They give people today a glimpse into the past and are an iconic representation of yesteryear. If you own one, you know the painstaking process to keep the car in the best shape possible. The attention to detail is imperative to ensuring the car can last for decades […]

Choosing a Classic Car Mechanic

The journey of finding a classic car and restoring it is part of the fun for many classic car owners. That’s even true for the classic cars you see driving around Madison, WI. In Madison, we have long winters and still can have hot summers— so it’s important to know a classic car mechanic that […]

How to Choose a Collision Repair Shop in Madison, Wisconsin

Getting into a car accident is a scary experience, and the moments after the accident are stressful. If your vehicle is damaged, you’ll need to file an insurance claim, but then what? You may assume you’re in for further headaches as you choose an auto body repair shop and work to get insurance reimbursement for […]

Car Restoration in Madison

So, you already own or just bought a car that you want to restore. You have already done some research on how to undertake such a project and want to go all the way and make your car as good as new. But how do you find the right restoration shop to do the work? […]


Monroe, Wisconsin is a mid-sized town north of the Illinois border that offers multiple fun attractions. There is no doubt that Monroe is a charming place to be especially if you’re a cheese lover. Family-owned stores and restaurants like Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern and the Monroe Antique Mall give its residents a unique place […]

Collision Repair Without Insurance

Accidents and wrecks are an unfortunate yet common scenario many drivers find themselves in. Auto insurance and collision repair go hand-in-hand, but what about those who don’t have auto insurance? In the content below, we explore the risk of driving without auto insurance how to take care of auto body repair without insurance. WHAT HAPPENS […]

How Often Should You Start a Stored Vehicle?

Are you looking for a straightforward guideline as to how often you should start a stored vehicle? There is no one rule of thumb for all cars, but we have detailed a few general guidelines to make sure you start your vehicle enough to preserve the engine components and keep everything properly lubricated. This can […]