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What is a Project Car?

When some people look at old clunkers, they’ll see nothing more than a vehicle destined for the scrap heap. Others, however, see potential. In this post, we’ll discuss project cars, what makes for a good project car, and whether or not they make sense for you. What is a Project Car? Simply put, a project […]

Are Classic Cars a Good Investment?

For many, owning a classic car is simply a dream come true. For others, however, it can represent a financial investment – if you play your cards right, that is. So are classic cars a good investment? In this post, we’ll discuss how owning a classic car is often more than just a labor of […]

How to Store a Car Long-Term  

There are many reasons why vehicle owners might elect to store a vehicle, but there’s both a right and a wrong way to do it. And if you want to truly preserve the vehicle and keep the garage or storage unit where it’s being held in good condition, it’s imperative that you go about storing […]

Is Restoring a Car Worth it?  

Restore or replace? When it comes to a classic automobile that you might have a deep attachment to, it always makes sense to explore its restoration before its replacement. But is restoring a car worth it? In this post, we’ll break down some of the key considerations to weigh when making this decision. We’ll also […]

Why Don’t Car Companies Remake Classic Cars?  

Car enthusiasts are a different breed. They attend car shows, go on classic car cruises, and never miss an opportunity to show off or discuss their hot rod. We can’t blame them, as there’s just something about that classic look and feel, not to mention the labor of love that’s keeping the automobile in good […]

How To Make A Classic Car A Daily Driver

There’s nothing better than taking a Sunday drive in your classic car, then carefully storing it until the next chance of beautiful weather. While this is what most classic car owners do, who’s to say you can’t use your classic car as a daily driver? If you have found a classic car and you want […]

What is Auto Detailing?

If you are selling your vehicle, working on a restoration project, or just in love with your car, it’s worth looking into a detailing service. A professional auto detailing service cleans, restores, and protects all surfaces of a vehicle. The goal? To get the car looking as close as possible to how it did when […]

Who Restores Old Cars? 

Maybe you want to bring a classic hot rod back to its prime. Or perhaps you’re a gearhead that just loves hitting up the show circuit. Then there are the hobbyists that love the challenge of taking an old car otherwise relegated to the scrap heap and bringing it back to its glory days. Whatever […]

How Much Does a Car Restoration Cost?

Restore or replace? When it comes to your car, for many people it’s a no-brainer. As a society, we love our cars – and for most car owners, shelling out thousands of dollars on parts and labor to restore their favorite vehicle is done without hesitation. But is restoring a vehicle really worth it in […]

A Guide to Full Car Painting Process

Classic cars are a thing of beauty. They give people today a glimpse into the past and are an iconic representation of yesteryear. If you own one, you know the painstaking process to keep the car in the best shape possible. The attention to detail is imperative to ensuring the car can last for decades […]