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How Often Should You Start a Stored Vehicle?

Are you looking for a straightforward guideline as to how often you should start a stored vehicle? There is no one rule of thumb for all cars, but we have detailed a few general guidelines to make sure you start your vehicle enough to preserve the engine components and keep everything properly lubricated. This can […]

Best Auto Filler for Rust

A small amount of damage to your car can take a massive hit in the value, but a simple modification can drastically revamp your vehicle’s look. Yes, we are talking about auto filler. Now there is no “best” auto filler for rust because it is only a temporary fix. To restore the damage completely, it […]

Middleton Collision Repair Service

With winter in full bloom and the holiday decorations scattered across town, now is the time to drive around and take in the festive scene. However, it can be frustrating when trying to visit places such as the scenic Pope Farm Conservatory, the renowned National Mustard Museum, and the Middleton Area Historical Society surrounding Middleton, […]

Monroe Collision Repair Service

Without an operable vehicle, it can be frustrating when trying to visit places such as the scenic Badger State Trail, the multiple eateries and breweries, and the Green County Courthouse surrounding Monroe, WI. Is your vehicle damaged and out of service because of an auto accident? Did you just get a flat tire and have […]

Madison Collision Repair Service Shop

Collision repair and restoration may be unfamiliar topics to many, much less the kinds of service our business provides. For those not yet acquainted with the auto service world, let us introduce you to your local repair shop in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re Wrecktify, a Madison collision repair service shop offering and specializing in quality services […]

New Glarus Collision Repair Service

With the scenic Montesian Gardens, Lake Belle View, and New Glarus Woods State Park surrounding New Glarus, WI, it may be difficult to haul your hiking and camping equipment without an operable vehicle. Have you recently been involved in an auto accident, leaving your car damaged? Our experts at Wrecktify Collision, a highly rated, New […]

Auto Insurance and Collision Repair

Getting into an auto accident is never an enjoyable experience, regardless of who is at fault. However, those with auto insurance can take comfort in knowing that they will receive help in covering the cost of collision repair. Are you wondering which parts of auto insurance cover collision repair? In the content below, we discuss […]

Classic Car Restoration Process Step by Step

Classic car enthusiasts agree that restoring a classic car is as much about the community that’s built around it as it is about the car restoration process itself. You can build friendships with people who share your interests and create memorable bonding experiences with family and friends when you work together as a team. Although […]

How to Prevent Tire Rot

Common vehicle components to regularly monitor are the engine, transmission, and brake conditions to name a few. However, it’s equally imperative to regularly examine your tires. Dry rot can affect your tires unsuspectingly and cause irreparable damage if left undetected. Therefore, in the content below, we explore four common causes of tire rot and discuss […]

Car Won’t Start After Being Stored

Picture this: the warming weather and shining sun pair with a light breeze, and you’re ready to get your classic car out on the road for a midday cruise. However, when a car sits idle in a garage or lot for months, or even years, chances are it won’t start up right away. To maintain […]