Why Don’t Car Companies Remake Classic Cars?  

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Car enthusiasts are a different breed. They attend car shows, go on classic car cruises, and never miss an opportunity to show off or discuss their hot rod. We can’t blame them, as there’s just something about that classic look and feel, not to mention the labor of love that’s keeping the automobile in good condition.

Noting all of this, one of the questions that we often receive is why automakers can’t just reproduce a classic car. Well, if they did, the car couldn’t be considered “classic” anymore. Let’s dive deeper into this concept and why it’s just not possible.

Designs Aren’t Modern Looking

As times evolve, so too does design. It’s a big reason why automakers have model year vehicles – as the design, safety features, and other components are able to be updated and new models mass produced on an annual basis. Today’s designs just don’t match what automakers were doing 30, 40, 50 or more years ago. Another design-related factor is that safety standards have undoubtedly changed over the years, and many of the old designs don’t allow for the incorporation of today’s safety features without some major, often off-putting adjustments.

Not Everyone is a Car Enthusiast

One of the biggest reasons that automakers don’t reissue old models with updated specifications is profitability reasons. In other words, these vehicles would be unlikely to sell – and being that automakers are for-profit entities, it wouldn’t be the best business decision. The fact of the matter is that classic car enthusiasts are a small group in the grand scheme of things. Most drivers just want a vehicle that can get them from Point A to Point B. They care about fuel economy, reliability, and safety – not so much about classic look and feel. Of course, there are the gearheads to whom something like this might apply – but there isn’t likely to be enough of them for any reissue to make a decent enough profit to justify the means.

Safety Issues

We noted this in the above section, but it’s worth mentioning again here: Most classic designs can’t accommodate the modern-day safety features that have been grandfathered into the automotive industry over time. It would likely lead to one of two things: significant alteration of the design to accommodate the safety features or developing a car that isn’t exactly street legal because of that. Both are problematic when your market is gearheads.

Classic Car Restoration

In short, don’t expect automakers to reissue the development of any classic cars. Instead, your best bet is to have a classic vehicle restored yourself. This is also likely to be a more rewarding journey as well. For more information on classic car restoration and to park a hot rod in your garage the tried and true way, contact us today