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Monroe, Wisconsin is a mid-sized town north of the Illinois border that offers multiple fun attractions. There is no doubt that Monroe is a charming place to be especially if you’re a cheese lover. Family-owned stores and restaurants like Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern and the Monroe Antique Mall give its residents a unique place to dine and shop. When it comes to receiving the most care and personalized service residents know, a local establishment is where you want to go. Auto repair stores and body shops aren’t any different. They may not be as enjoyable as going to your favorite restaurant, but if you find yourself in need of one why not go somewhere that will provide you quality workmanship with integrity.

Go Local

While searching for a body shop many residents find it easier and more convenient to do so locally. So, how can choosing a local body shop over a national chain serve your best interests? Let’s discuss a few of the most significant ways staying local can work in your favor:

Exceptional Service

Local body shops like Wrecktify Collision rely on customer satisfaction to remain in business. Without the resources of a large corporation powering operations, emphasis must be on providing high-quality service that won’t be found at a national chain. It all comes down to maintaining longstanding relationships with customers, a solid reputation in the community, and people spreading the word about our services.

On the other hand, auto body chains are powered by quotas, as is the case for any kind of big business in a competitive industry. To stay in business, these shops must meet quotas, which are typically set by managers who know nothing about local customers and have never even been to the town where the shop is located.

This means that such shops are required to service a lot of vehicles in a short amount of time. The requirement to make a predetermined turnover drives technicians to work faster and order cheaper parts. In this case, rather than prioritizing quality, the bottom line and profits are in control.

Quality Parts

There are tons of auto parts on the market for every kind of repair and replacement. It matters which ones you use. Your vehicle was designed with certain parts and equipment. So, if you think about it, your vehicle will function best when it’s using the parts that were designed for it. However, auto body chains will often opt for cheaper aftermarket parts. They have many of these parts on hand, which means they don’t have to spend time ordering a product and going through the shipping process.

While the bottom line and profits are important for any type of business to thrive, it’s usually not the primary focus of local body shops. Building a sterling reputation, forging strong customer relationships, and earning positive word-of-mouth advertising happens from prioritizing quality over quantity.


When you take your vehicle to a local body shop, you’re much more likely to be met by friendly faces. Not only are accidents dangerous, but having to get your car fixed is inconvenient, and you may run into some unexpected costs. The entire experience can be frustrating and stressful. In other words, it’s not the best moment to have to deal with impersonal customer service. You don’t want to hear a technician or a worker at the front desk tell you about how this is against company policy or how that will require them to talk to their manager.

Monroe Body Shop: Wrecktify Collision

Establishing a long-term business relationship with a local auto body shop can make your life much easier. When you have trustworthy professionals you can turn to after an accident, you can rest assured your vehicle will get the care it needs. Moreover, going to a reputable body shop in your community will ensure that you receive the best value for your dollar—the highest quality of work with no hidden price gouging. Your local body shop should also be able to provide a wide range of auto body services. 

For more information or if you need a quote to service your vehicle Visit Wreckify Collision and Restoration.

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