Auto Insurance and Collision Repair

auto insurance and collision repair

Getting into an auto accident is never an enjoyable experience, regardless of who is at fault. However, those with auto insurance can take comfort in knowing that they will receive help in covering the cost of collision repair.

Are you wondering which parts of auto insurance cover collision repair? In the content below, we discuss which auto insurance coverages include collision repair, also exploring the importance of securing auto insurance and collision repair coverage.

Driving Without Auto Insurance

Are you wondering what happens if you drive without auto insurance? According to Centennial State Insurance Agency, if you continue in any state without auto insurance, you could experience some stiff penalties that vary depending on the state you reside in.

However, in any state, you can expect being issued a ticket for driving without insurance – this may also cost you your license and/or vehicle registration. As a result, no one will be able to operate the uninsured vehicle until after your license suspension is lifted and – in some states – after auto insurance is issued and verified. Additionally, if you are found responsible for an auto accident or injuring a pedestrian without auto insurance, you could face lawsuits that result in the loss of additional property, such as your car or home.

Auto Insurance and Collision Repair: Coverages Needed

When enrolling for auto insurance for the first time, the types of auto coverages may at first seem confusing. However, although each state enforces their own requirements and regulations regarding auto insurance, they all require some form of collision and comprehensive coverage.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance in an auto insurance policy that provides coverage in the event that a policy holder’s covered vehicle collides with or is overturned by another vehicle, regardless of which driver is found at fault. Typically, this is the most common instance in which an insured will request collision repair services through their insurance provider.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is an auto insurance policy that covers any damages to the policy holder’s vehicle that was not sustained in a motor vehicle collision. Therefore, if your car incurs damages from events other than a vehicular collision such as an impact with an animal, fallen object, fire, or theft, comprehensive insurance coverage may help cover the cost of collision repairs.

Use Your Auto Insurance to Cover Collision Repair at Wrecktify Collision

Whether you secured auto insurance and are in need of collision repair services or you were in an auto accident without coverage, Wrecktify Collision and Restoration can help! Our experts will work with you and your insurance providers to examine your car. Then, we can assess your vehicle’s current condition and determine the total cost of collision repair, with or without insurance!

Is your car a classic, prized possession? We also offer classic car restoration so your “first love” can be restored to its original glory. Please contact us if you need help starting a stored car, want to explore our restoration services, or if you are wondering which collision repairs your vehicle needs.