3 Questions to Ask Your Restoration Shop Before Signing on the Dotted Line

3 Questions to Ask Your Restoration Shop Before Signing on the Dotted Line

When you have a classic car in need of work, we understand the stress behind choosing the right restoration shop. You want to be sure they will correctly complete everything you want done to maintain the integrity of the original vehicle. Before you go into the shop, be sure to come with a goal in mind: what do you want your vehicle to look like when finished? After determining such, choose a shop that will keep both you and your car as their top priority.

What Will the Price Be?

A great restoration shop will be able to provide an accurate estimate that is close to what the final price will be. Keep in mind that they will most likely find additional issues with your vehicle as the restoration process goes on, meaning that additional costs might be necessary. A general quote will help you to plan for expenses. Additionally, you should also ask if a deposit is required and how much that will be.

What Does Your Plan for the Restoration Look Like?

The shop should be able to create a detailed plan of action they will follow during the restoration process. Each project is different, so every restoration should have their own timeline to follow. The shop should give you a list of everything they plan to do and each part they will use.

Ask for photos and explanations of previous projects they completed to help you better understand how that shop works. The shop should keep you up to date on progress or if they find anything that will delay the completion date of the project. Photo updates are useful in showing you exactly what is happening to your car in addition to keeping record of what the restoration shop did.

When extra issues arise, the restoration shop should take photos and provide you with a clear explanation as to what they found and how they plan to incorporate that into the overall timeline of the project.

Can I Check on Progress?

As the owner of the vehicle, we understand you will want to check in on the progress of your car every now and then as work is being performed. The shop should allow you to stop in to check up on your car. Not only does this show that they are a well-run shop with nothing to hide, but it also shows them that you care about what’s going on.

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