What Services Does a Car Collision Repair Shop Generally Perform?

What Services Does a Car Collision Repair Shop Generally Perform?

While the phrase “repair shop” is often improperly used as a catch-all term for any car-related business, actual repair shops really “do it all” as opposed to specialty tire or oil change businesses. No matter how severe the collision was or the damage resulting from it is, car collision repair shops are equipped with the advanced technology and experts to take on anything.

Dent Removal

Whether your vehicle has dents and damage due to a big collision or to small hail, they need to be removed in a timely manner in order to prevent extensive paint damage. Oftentimes shops use a method called Paintless Dent Removal, which avoids sanding or filling the body and paint but takes a considerable amount of time and expertise to perform. It’s one of the simpler jobs a car collision repair shop does, but for the customer, it’s one of the most cost-effective cosmetic investments you can make on your vehicle.

Window Repair and Replacement

Cracks, chips, and breaks are still common in the realm of vehicle repairs, but they tend to be a bit more inhibiting than a dent and therefore are a more pressing matter to handle. Some damage can be repaired, but there are some cases in which a full window or windshield replacement is necessary. Most collision repair shops either have a glass repair technician on-site or are partnered with a local glass repair shops so the repair process and the return of your vehicle are expedited.

Paint Restoration

Paint damage is deceptively dangerous. Some people see a car’s paint job as purely cosmetic and don’t think they need to dedicate time to maintain it and touch it up, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Paint is like the protective layer to a car’s actual body, and when it’s scraped off or damaged in an accident, there’s a higher possibility of rust and corrosion “infecting” your vehicle. Redoing a paint job is time-consuming and can be affected by an extensive amount of variables, but repair shops are stocked with the best equipment and highly trained professionals to get the job done well.

Frame Straightening

Even a small accident, like a fender bender, can injure your car’s frame and alignment, which alters the way it drives and wears out tires and steering elements. These may seem relatively inconsequential, but like most issues you’ll face as a car owner, taking care of them now saves you a lot of time and money in the future. A car collision repair shop provides frame inspection and alignment services so you’re not taking an unsafe vehicle back onto the road. These shops are equipped with hydraulic force machines that are powerful enough to force the frame back into its correct positioning.

Accidents of any severity have an effect on your car, whether you can see them or not. It’s important to find a collision repair shop like Wrecktify Collision & Restoration that you can trust, equipped with the technology and professionals it takes to care for your vehicle in the way only these establishments can. Contact us today to begin a conversation!