6 Benefits of Detailing Your Car

benefits of detailing your car

Having your car professionally detailed is a beneficial service you should frequently keep up with. Not only will detailing help increase your auto’s resale value, but the service also improves its reliability, longevity, and operational safety. As a result, your vehicle will become a hot commodity and stay well-maintained, eliminating costly inconveniences.

Why Get Your Car Detailed? It’s More Than Looks.

Not every reason for detailing a car is cosmetic, although that’s a significant component! You should get your vehicle professionally detailed to improve the health of your car and help maintain a great operable condition. If you are meticulous about changing the oil and spark plugs, you should develop a similar detailing schedule. The improvement you’ll see in safety, reliability, and of course, beauty will make the extra effort of professional detailing worthwhile.

What are the Benefits of Detailing Your Car?

1. Winter Rejuvenation

We’re no strangers to harsh winters here in the Midwest. Between the snow, sleet, and salt, our vehicles take a beating and deserve attention and care come springtime. The annual scourge of rock salt is a hazard your car faces.

Road salt mixes with mud to build up in your wheel wells and under your chassis. If left untreated, this mud/salt mix will corrode your paint. Getting your car professionally detailed to take care of things like a damaged chassis, saving money on future, costly repairs!

2. Improve Paint Longevity

You can extend the longevity of your car’s exterior and paint by regularly cleaning, polishing, and waxing. The exterior paint protects the metal underneath and prevents it from degrading or rusting.

3. Ensure Safe Driving

Reduced visibility is never a good thing. Headlights and taillights that are neither clean nor free of damage are a safety hazard to both you and other drivers. Getting your lights professionally detailed ensures you can drive safely, no matter the time of day.

4. Spruce Up Interiors

Detailing removes foul odors and protects surfaces in your car’s interior from fading and cracking. Something like a cracked dashboard is sure to drop the resale value; however, keeping up with a rigorous detailing schedule allows you to catch minor things before they turn into major money-pits.

5. Combat Daily Driving Habits

Life is busy— we get it. There are kids to carpool, errands to run, and messes to clean. Normal driving exposes your car to slush, oils from the roads, solvents, brake dust, and fluids. You can imagine the array of chemicals you drive through on the highway.

Keeping up with professional detailing combats day-to-day driving that may dirty your car in unexpected ways. When detailing your wheels and tires, you also reduce the risk of cracks and corrosion, and they look fantastic, too!

6. Boost Resale or Trade-In Value with Professional Detailing

There is no disputing the positive effects detailing a car can have when looking to sell or trade-in for an upgrade. People who buy used cars from dealerships expect those cars to be fully detailed and in like-new condition. Those sold by private owners are often not always treated as nicely.

When you show a potential buyer a professionally detailed car, they know you took great care of the vehicle. It can reassure a buyer that there are no hidden salt/mud deposits in the chassis; they know the interior won’t smell of corn chips and baby formula. These are all positive impressions that can help you secure a much better sale price for your used vehicle.

Choose Wrecktify for All Your Professional Detailing Services

At Wrecktify, we put the utmost care into your vehicle because we care about you. A smooth-riding, well-maintained, beautiful car is just as much of a goal of ours as is building your confidence, happiness, and trust in us!

Our team has the experience and mastery to give your car that extra bit of attention it rightfully deserves to shine to its truest potential. We provide professional auto detail cleaning services at various levels, using various techniques and products on the interior, exterior, and everything in between.

Contact us today to schedule a professional cleaning and detailing with our expert team. Your car will leave the shop looking and feeling like the day you drove it off the lot— our guarantee!